We love to develop apps, tools and frameworks and love to share our datasets and results with you as we believe in open access. Please find below a list of projects we like to share. If you are interested in a particular dataset, please let us know and contact us.


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The MapRecorder is an iOS application to investigate mobile map usage patterns with Google Maps. You can contribute to the data collection and download the app from the App Store.
Available on the App Store

Ubicomp 2017 Routing Externalities

Routing Externalities


A framework for the examination of externalities associated with alternative routing criteria and third-party platforms.
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People In My Life Project


This app is designed to support the creation of digital eco-maps during a social workers assessment session. It tracks and maps the location and orientation of up to three tangibles placed on the screen of your iPad. The concept of the app is illustrated in this short video on YouTube.
Available on the App Store