Our research interests lie at the intersection between (HCI), geographic information science and ubiquitous interface technologies. In our HCI lab we investigate how people interact with digital spatial information and create new methods and novel interfaces to help people interact with spatial information.

This includes the development and evaluation of wearable technologies, mobile augmented reality and virtual reality applications, interactive surfaces and tabletops, and other “post desktop” interfaces. Below you can find the list of past and current projects.


Lichtenberg Professorship

Volkswagen Foundation 2016-2021

The goal of the Lichtenberg Professorship founded by the Volkswagen foundation is to develop ubiquitous computing technologies that demonstrably enhance users’ lives by improving their interactions with their environment. In particular, we focused on three critical human-environment spatial interactions: helping users get from point A to point B, assisting users in orientating in unknown environments, and enhancing people’s senses and understanding of place.