We currently looking for students excited about doing work (bachelor & master thesis students, student assistants as well as PhD students and PostDocs) at the intersection of HCI, geoinformatics, and Ubicomp technologies. Undergraduate and graduate students who would like to join or visit the group should feel free to e-mail Johannes. Please include a little bit about yourself (e.g. your major, degrees, CV/resume) and let us know something about your research interests. We love to work with students (with strong technical skills) and backgrounds across disciplines.

Below find a list of past and ongoing courses. The course materials and slides can be found on StudIP.

Lecture & Lab: Designing Interactive Systems II

12am – 4pm
Room: MZH 1470

Advanced topics in Interaction Design. We dive deeper into the topics of natural userinterfaces.

Seminar: Master Project Preparation Course

2pm – 4pm
Room: Cartesium Rotunde

Preparation course for the master project "navigation-failures", starting in the winter term 2017/18.

Seminar: Bachelor & Master Colloquium

Thursdays - biweekly
4pm – 6pm
Room: MZH 5232

Seminar for all graduating bachelor and master students in Human-Computer Interaction.